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A Tough Decision

Racing our shadows

The more observant among you may have noticed that the yellow dot has now rested in the car park of the Travelodge in Limerick.

Beech Boys Tandem team has made the tough decision to end the race at Limerick.

Having spoken to Norman and James this evening, they both sounded tired but in good form. Since this race has never been attempted on a tandem before, the demands of finishing in the time set for this category was always going to be a massive challenge. They are pleased to have entered and they have given it their best shot. They have been really impressed with their tandem from JD Tandems – which has had no mechanical issues, no punctures and was cycled up every hill. With only 2 hours 40 mins sleep since the race start (and the poor sleep the previous night due to the hen party in the hotel), tiredness was beginning to take its toll on them both, and they didn’t want to risk the safety of the team.

They have had a lot of fun along the way, and would encourage other prospective tandem entries not to be put off.

We really appreciate the comments made by Race Around Ireland on their website (see below)

“Unfortunately the Beech Boys Tandem have withdrawn from the race after a monumental effort. The guys entered uncharted territory by tackling the race on a tandem and have earned nothing but respect from us as organisers. Tandem ultracycling is notoriously difficult and most would say it’s more difficult than solo racing. To get as far as they did takes a ferocious effort and can only be applauded”.

We are all so proud of them for their achievement.