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BBC North West Tonight evening news


Only 20 days to go! Only one week of training before the pre-race rest phase. Only 18 days and we will be on the ferry to Ireland. Only 25 days and Race Around Ireland 2014 will have finished!

The focus over this last week has been on getting the Beech Boys Tandem message out that we are riding to support 4 amazing charities. To this end we were delighted that BBC NW Tonight came to Coniston to film a piece for the evening news. The weather was on our side and after 3 hours of being interviewed and filmed the news team were happy they had what they needed.

If you missed this first time round, or would like to see it again, click on the link below on You Tube to experience a taste of Beech Boys Tandem. Our grateful thanks go to BBC NW Tonight for their hard work in putting this story together.