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Five star treatment


Last night the follow car turned up at the food stop to find Pat and Jonathan had transformed the car park into a 5 star restaurant, including a menu, flowers and their own personal wine waiter! Compliments to the chef/chief. (I am still waiting for a photo from the crew so will send it when I get it)

Lots of messages coming in from friends and family which are being passed on to the team to encourage them on their way. We particularly like this one from friends in the Highlands.

“Watching your progress and can’t help concurring with the alternative definition of TFM!  Or was that Two Fantastic Men on The Flying Machine!”

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know (do keep it clean as it is a family show!)

Also if you have any ‘bear’ jokes to share, as we have the 2 little bear mascots – again only clean jokes are acceptable!


A few factoids of interest:

  •          Norman and James will each make about 500,000 pedal strokes over the course of the race
  •          To keep up their work rate Norman and James need to consume 60g carbohydrate every hour
  •          The ‘on bike’ food snacks are kept in James’ cycle shirt back pockets so that Norman can easily find a range of snacks and open the packets and provide James with in-flight refreshments. They have a drinks bottle on the bike, the support car swops this with Norman and James while they ride along by driving alongside and giving them a full bottle to replace it
  •          Norman and James are often asked can you tell if the other person isn’t pedaling and the answer is definitely “yes you can!”

I hope you are still pedalling dad!

I hope you are still pedalling dad!