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New crew member


Exciting news! We are delighted that Pat Menzies is able to join team Beech Boys Tandem. Pat was at university with Christine, so there is a long standing relationship between the Menzies and Beech families. Indeed Pat was part of the support team helping James and Norman make their final preparations before they set off to row the Atlantic.

Pat will have a key role as one of the main drivers. In fact last summer she drove a minibus across most of Europe! Besides her driving skills Pat has massive experience of successfully working in teams and is brilliant at keeping things in perspective.

Her entry for the team profile page reads as follows:

Pat Menzies – driver. The dictionary definition for team player is – Pat Menzies, The technical driving coach for films such as Speed, the remake of the Italian Job and Life on Mars, she has more wonder than Wonder Woman and is definitely our angel of the north. Why-aye man!