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Our team is now complete

Thankfully Lydia had an uneventful journey to Manchester airport compared to James and Laura. Although her flight was slightly delayed, Norman and Adam managed to collect her and return to the hotel by 10pm when Adam enjoyed a good old Irish Guinness as a thank you for doing both airport collections.

This morning we split into working parties to sort out the equipment and supplies, so that everyone is familiar with where everything is and how it works.



Our Thunderbird theme continues (see yesterday’s blog) and Norman amused everyone with his puppet moves with imaginary strings. Adam is now known as Parker, Jonathan as Joe 90 and Rowan as Brains.

After an al fresco lunch, attracting all the local wasps, we had a team talk by Rowan on navigation before heading out in the follow car to practise the first part of the route.


Apparently the RTE Channel 1 feature will be shown tonight at 6pm, so apologies to those of you who were disappointed not to see us yesterday. We will miss it as there is a RAI race meeting at that time this evening.

The race is due to start tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, and the tracker will be on our website for you to follow the Beech Boys Tandem dot around the route. There probably will not be another blog on the website until Christine is able to regain internet access while based with her family near Coleraine. Please bear with this during this period – normal service will be resumed on Monday.

If anyone would like to send messages to the Beech Boys and their crew, please either send through Facebook, or to the following email address: beechboystandem@gmail.com

If you, or anyone you know, lives near the race route, please come out and cheer us on! It would give us such a boost.