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Preparations in Ireland

Careful preparation is a key component for success in any big project.

Food is an essential part of cycling 1350 miles over 5 days. Having food you want to eat is crucial, so a good option is to create your own meals so that you can have what you like, knowing exactly what is included with the best balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Norman and Christine are currently in Northern Ireland, visiting Christine’s mum near Coleraine. It has been a hive of industry in the kitchen over the last few days as RAI meals for Norman, James and the support crew have been prepared, vacuum packed and frozen – enough to last 5 days! Meals consist of chicken, roast vegetables and goat’s cheese; beef, pasta and vegetables; beef bolognaise and pasta; chicken and vegetable soup; vegetable and barley soup; grandma’s famous Christmas cake (tried and tested expedition treat over many years, including the Atlantic row!); date and walnut cake; flakemeal biscuits; apple and sultana crumble; pancakes and cherry berry bars. These will be collected by the support van when they pass through Coleraine in September.

We are really pleased to announce we have sponsorship from Healthspan – Norman and James will be Healthspan customer heroes! So if you receive Healthspan newsletters advertising their products, look out for a mention of Beech Boys Tandem!

The photos featured here include Magilligan Point (Norman’s daily training route this week goes through here); Norman and Grandma busying vacuum packing some of the meals and Centrica petrol station, near Coleraine, which is at the end of Stage 4 on the RAI route and just down the road from where Christine’s mum lives.

Magilligan Point - Norman's training route this week goes through here

Magilligan Point – Norman’s training route this week goes through here

Vacuum packing the meals

Vacuum packing the meals

Centrica petrol station near Coleraine -  end of stage 4

Centrica petrol station near Coleraine -
end of stage 4