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Three cheers for the Crew team!

Hip Hip Hooray for the crew team supporting the Beech Boys on their epic challenge. These people have all been personally selected by Norman and James due to their superior supernatural qualities. We have been told many times that the support team is such an important factor of any challenge, and we are proving that to be true.

Beech Boys Tandem team

Beech Boys Tandem team

A few factoids to consider:

  •          The support crew rotate between driving, navigation and resting with a 3 hour rota
  •          Communication between the support car and the tandem is by radio, with the navigator telling the riders when a turn is coming up
  •          When the riders go to sleep, they are carefully timed and get woken up by a member of the support crew
  •          Christine’s mum’s Christmas cake and Irish wee buns are favourite snacks for crew and riders
  •          The support crew have been nicknamed ‘The Fellowship of the Tandem’ – with Jonathan the Grey as crew chief – he wasn’t grey at the start of the race, but he is now!!
  •          No orks spotted yet, but a few leprechauns have been sighted in the small hours of the morning (but that might be due to lack of sleep!)

A few stories from today:

Borrans Junior took pity on a stranded teddy bear on the side of the road, and have let it hitch a ride in the support van.

The team enjoyed lunch at Pat’s Pop up Pantry today

They have all enjoyed some sunshine this afternoon.

Big shout out to Malachy and his daughter – who were tracking the team and came out to rattle their cowbells!! Thank you so much – it means a lot.

Still no wifi so photos not available – so you will have to make do with one from Race Control in Coleraine – where you can see me, my mum and sister Pauline – all doing Race Control ‘stuff’…!!


Race Control at Coleraine

Race Control at Coleraine

The boys have now cleared the half-way line…… big cheers for them too!!